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racing is life

The Community Garage is a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring youth by introducing them to motorsports and automotive fabrication. We believe that high expectation coupled with trust has great power to further a child's development.


Through motorsports, one gains a wide range of practical life skills as well as specific mechanical knowledge. Motorsports helps build more than cars, it builds character and important abilities across all aspects of personal and professional life.


Our Garage members develop:


Critical Thinking, Stress Management, and Personal Responsibility


Effective Communication, Interpersonal Skills, and Prioritizing Goals


To those familiar with it: Racing Is Life.

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Our Story

The Community Garage started as the long-time dream of "Dr. John," resident hot-rod philosopher. His aim was to blend his passions of teaching, automotive craftsmanship, and motorsports. Since few kids have a family member or friend with direct exposure to high-level motorsports, The Community Garage was conceived as a way to bring kids closer to that world. The dream was to create a space that offers youth rare and challenging opportunities through cars and motorsports.


Why cars? Why motorsports? Because there are very few things that can inspire and excite the soul like cars. America has long had a love-affair with cars for good reason.  Once a kid has a chance to experience the energy and joy of motorsports, it can lead to a lifelong passion or career. Harnessing the power of that excitement, The Community Garage has a unique way to give focus to all of the STEAM fields. Kids love learning about physics when it rolls on four wheels. They understand the relevance of their math class when it helps them fabricate a part or trouble shoot an electrical gremlin. Art class takes on a renewed meaning when they can apply what they learn on a custom paint job. Cars and motorsports make learning engaging and fun.

Cars also do not come easy. From financing to fixing them, cars present everyday challenges that are not easy to overcome. Racing is life. The Community Garage focuses our efforts on instilling skills and values that are important across all aspects of life. In racing, we do not give out participation trophies. We do not make excuses, and we do not pretend we are the only important person on track. We make mistakes, we fall short of our goals, and we learn how to pick ourselves up and make tomorrow a better day. We rely on our team in the garage and at the track. We respect our competitors and face them in victory or defeat with integrity.

Racing is life - when life is done well.

Meet The Team

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