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clutch clinics




Here at The Community Garage, we’re a bit old-school. There’s nothing like rowing through the gears on your own. Having that direct connection to the car is increasingly rare these days. So we’re here to #SaveTheStick!

We can teach you how to drive a manual transmission car at one of our Clutch Clinics. Show up in a manual transmission car and we’ll help you learn to get going smoothly. This is an after school program for drivers!


Already know how to drive a manual transmission car? Awesome! We can show you the advanced technique of heel-toe-shifting.


  • Participants must be registered members of The Community Garage

  • You can register here with the General Membership Form:

    • General membership is free

    • NOTE: Minors must have their parents review and sign the form

  • Age: 15+ 

  • Parental consent required under 18

  • Learner's Permit or State Driver's License

Car Gear Shift



Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment

Dates: TBD (by interest and availability)

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