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Racing Driving

what we do

A wise man once said: There's a car for everyone.

So here at The Community Garage, we run a range of programs to dive into the awesome world of motorsports.

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Ever want to drive on a real road racing circuit? Want to know what REAL performance driving is all about? Then  cancel your Vin Diesel fan club membership. At The Community Garage, we do this for real! The Driver Sponsorship is our premier program to make it happen. We offer full financial support to get you on track for a full weekend of High Performance Drivers Education (HPDE) instruction. You can take your own car on track if it meets basic safety requirements. Don't have a car? We have one! Join us at the tracks!


Need a job? Well you're no longer on your own figuring this out. We offer very short-term internships to help you gain valuable work experience alongside professionals in a wide range of industries. Before you work with them, we work with you, coaching you to develop your interview skills and understand workplace expectations.

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Ever want to be part of a real race team? Join the Crew! We train you in different pit crew roles: fuel/safety, mechanical support, and data analysis. Our Pit Crew team supports endurance racing teams and gets right in the middle of the action!


Want to learn how to drive sick shift? Ever wonder how a manual transmission works? Then this is for you! We would love to teach you the lost art of rowing through the gears - like a boss!

Already know how to drive stick? Great! How about heel-toe downshifting? We can teach you that too. For seasoned stick shift drivers, we'll introduce you to the advanced arts of the manual transmission!

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Just need a place to hang out after school? Want to learn about cars? The Open Garage is the perfect place to come hang for a couple hours. On any given day, there's no telling what kind of mess we've gotten ourselves into. So you can expect to learn a lot about problem solving, making many mistakes, and living to laugh about it another day!

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