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The Community Garage

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Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

The Community Garage is all about bringing the cost of entry into/for motorsports down for our kids. Every donation, big or small, helps a kid explore opportunities and learn life skills through motorsports.


With a small investment you can cover the costs to target specific needs. Help the Garage establish a fund to meet any of these important needs:

  • Safety gear for metal fabrication

  • Transportation for attending events and internships

  • Driving fund for track day supplies

  • Food fund for event meals

Please contact us to establish a Tribute Fund in someone’s honor or remembrance.

Ways to Donate

Help Build Our Community with your business

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We would absolutely love to come to your motorsports shop and see how the pros do things!


Open your doors for a bit and show the kids the kind of future they can have.

Men at Work

If you have a small opening, we would be happy to send a teen to you for a short-term unpaid internship.


Our teens need experience: interviewing, working, and seeing professional environments. From pushing a broom, to stocking shelves, to hands-on mechanical work; it’s all good.


Any and all supplies related to motorsports are welcome. Tools, fluids, replacement or performance parts; they will all be put to good use. We are grateful for the discounts our business partners offer.

Engineering Class

Education is central to our mission. If you have expertise in a motorsports area and would like to share it in a workshop or presentation, we are eager to work together.

Business Sponsorship


We are The COMMUNITY Garage – so if you would like to be part of our community, you are most welcome! Car folks of all stripes can help.

Race Car Wheel

Got a cool car or project you're working on? We'd love to see it!

Young Driver

We often need help with a ride to and from events.

Race Car Parts Repairs

We can always use a hand in the Garage if you don't mind getting them dirty!


Consider helping with organizing a small event in your area.

Establish a satellite Garage program in your area.

Race Tracks

Social Media

Help us spread the word about our work and mission.

Follow us.

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Sharing is caring and it helps us reach more people.


Consider us for a birthday fundraising campaign!

Social Media
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