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Cage party!

Join us this weekend to help put the CageKits 4-point roll bar into Zsa Zsa.

CageKits 350Z roll bar_CAD image.jpg

Okay, it’s not a proper “roll cage” but we’re going to make it a party anyway.

Just like our Open Garage, we will host this in an open house format all weekend!


Come over when you can, stay as long as you like.

Essential Info:

  • Friday, Feb. 3rd (4PM-9PM)

  • Saturday, Feb. 4th (10AM-5PM)

  • Sunday, Feb. 5th (10AM-9PM)

  • Location: 9216 Central Park Ave, Evanston

  • Contact: Dr. John, 312.505.0964


Be sure to come ready to work, because there’s a lot to do! We will:

  • Strip the interior

  • Clean up the sound deadener (yuck! terrible job)

  • Prep the chassis steel (a.k.a. fun with an angle grinder)

  • Test fit – test fit again...

  • Test fit one more time

  • Re-test fit the bar

  • Weld like it’s 1999

  • Refit the interior bits

CK layout.jpg

If you want to learn how all this is done, this is the time.

All you need to bring:

  • Warm clothes (layers & thick socks) 

  • Willingness to learn

  • Willingness to work hard


We’ll see you soon!

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