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Cage Party Recap!

The past weekend was a rush! We spent a few days in non-stop work getting a half-cage put into Zsa Zsa. The work was well worth it.

We had some of The Community Garage members come over to help with the install and learn what is involved in putting in a proper roll bar.

Zsa Zsa will remain a street/track car. So we spent a lot of time retrofitting all the interior panels to go back into the car. This meant cutting each panel to clear the complex tube assembly.

The Cage Kits roll bar for the 350Z was just fantastic to work with – they laser scan the cars, design the cage in 3D CAD, and precisely laser cut every tube to fit like a big-boy LEGO kit with an unbelievably tight fit. Huge props to their precision product!

We could have hit the “easy button” and gone with a bolt-in roll bar. We could have…but that’s not how we roll at The Community Garage. Rather than use a roll bar that sits on top of the floor's thin sheet metal, we went with a design that uses the chassis bulkhead to plant the cage.

This weld-in roll bar is much stronger and adds more rigidity to the chassis in the way it ties into the strongest parts of the car. Best of all, the super tight fit means the bar is much less intrusive than other kits. So, there's a lot of interior room left over for the driver and passenger with this CageKits 4-point roll bar.

The half cage is not quite done yet, but we’ll wait until the weather improves to paint it and add final touches. Stay tuned!

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