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pit crew

This is as close to the action as you can get – be a part of the team!


The Community Garage will select, train, and equip a small pit crew to support endurance racing teams. The pit crew will train and work on-site at road-racing circuits to prepare for endurance races during the regular racing season (April through October).

Endurance races last from 3.5 hrs. to 12 hrs., typically on Fridays or over one full weekend day. Training will occur over two to four sessions, each typically held on a Sunday.


Sign Up Deadline: June 20, 2023


  • Participants must be registered members of The Community Garage

  • You can register here with the General Membership Form:

    • General membership is free

    • NOTE: Minors must have their parents review and sign the form

  • Age: 14+  (16+ for select pit crew positions)

  • Parental consent required under 18

  • Participants are encouraged to attend training sessions but are not required to do so

  • Participants are encouraged to attend of the races that The Community Garage will support but are not required to do so

  • IMPORTANT: Pit crew members who volunteer to support a race must make every effort to attend the event and be confident that they can follow through with their commitment

Racing Driving



Pit crew members may take on one or (probably) more roles defined below. Roles will be assigned based on training, prior qualifications, and availability.

  • Runner: crew are responsible for helping set up pit stall before a race running general errands during the race, and generally assist Crew Chief

  • Fire bottle: mandatory safety position, crew holds fire extinguisher during fueling

  • Fueling: crew are responsible for hot-pit refueling duties (must be capable of handling & holding 35lb jug at chest height for 60 seconds)

  • Driver swap assistant: assist drivers with belts, radio hook-up, drink bottle swap

  • Mechanic: crew support general maintenance of car during the event

  • Data support: analyst position, crew retrieves data, monitors lap times, car position, and pit strategy of competitors, evaluates car/driver performance metrics

  • Spotters: analyst position, monitor on-track activity, radio in relevant information to crew chief and/or driver in real time



  • Safety: general & racing specific

  • Data analysis

  • Basic mechanics (car-specific)

  • Pit stop rules & procedures

  • Tire temp probing & analysis


Members of the Pit Crew can expect opportunities to attend events and support teams according to the following days:

  • Fridays: summer months only (June through August)

  • Saturdays or Sundays: open all season

  • Specific Dates: TBD (selected from schedule of events below)



 2023 Track Schedule*


  • March 23-26 (National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park – Bowling Green, KY)

  • April 21-23 (Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course – Lexington, OH)

  • May 26-28 (Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course – Lexington, OH)

  • June 23-25 (Gingerman Raceway – South Haven, MI)

  • July 21-23 (Pitt Race – Wampum, PA)

  • August 25-27 (Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course – Lexington, OH)

  • September 29-1 (Autobahn Country Club – Joliet, IL)


* Please inquire into attending any of these track events if you want to see how we party! Spectators are always welcome!

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