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2022 Track and Pit Crew Season Ends

As the weather turns cooler and the leaves change color, our driving season has come to an end. What an end!

This year our Pit Crew finished off their support duties at the Autobahn Country Club. Pit lane was active as the Crew helped support three teams in the TREC endurance race!

The Community Garage is proud of these boys who proved they are a valuable asset to the teams. Requests are already coming in to see which other teams we will help next year. We hope to make it to more events and get even closer to the action!

Special thanks to the families that came out to support their kids. Keep coming out and we'll keep offering our thanks through opportunities to get you on track and in the action!

Let's also note the great work the kids put in helping to prep Zsa Zsa.

Zsa Zsa is almost fully set for hard track use. The new brakes were tested and worked great in running down those Porsche 911s at NCM.

During the off-season the kids will dig into the interior and learn about safety systems, chassis rigidity, and driving data. Above all, we’ll focus on setting priorities to ground our thinking – that way they can learn to sift through internet rumors of what you “must-do” and get to understanding what works.

Let the off-season begin!

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