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DRIVING the #16 at Age 16!

We had our first teen-driver take the wheel of Zsa Zsa! The Community Garage headed to the rolling hills of Kentucky to tackle NCM Motorsports Park with our driver, Jano.

Once we got settled, we swapped out the wheels to our track set up and were ready to go. Huge thanks to Jerry who was on hand to crew.

NCM is a big and busy track – think “autocross at over 100 mph” and you get the idea. This is a challenging track to learn with 22 corners and some serious elevation changes – one is literally called “the Sinkhole” because the car in front of you just disappears as it plummets 40’ out of sight! The Corvette racing team practices here because it was built to replicate parts of the Le Mans circuit.

All the hard work leading up to the event was about to pay off. The long weekends prepping the car, reviewing videos and track maps, and driving the track in the simulator had all led us here. Jano was ready!

Despite the challenge of taking on one of the most complicated tracks in North America for his very first time on track, Jano did terrifically well.

All belted up...

...and READY go GO!

As an added bonus, the new Garmin Catalyst track analyzer worked perfectly and helped Jano get up to speed quickly.

The weekend was a total blast. We’re very proud of Jano and look forward to supporting his driving goals in the future. Zsa Zsa too is looking forward to the next teen driver to take the helm. Could it be you?

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