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Our Drivers Rocked Gingerman!

Late this June we had THREE sponsored drivers from The Community Garage tackle Gingerman Raceway! Making the 2+ hour drive from Chicago, Jerry, Jano, and Ryan saddled up for a terrific weekend of speed.

Ryan on track!
Jerry on track!

For Jerry and Ryan, this was their first time on a racetrack. Ryan brought his own car – a beautiful blue BRZ and Jerry took the wheel of Zsa Zsa, our 350Z.

Both young men were eager to get on track...

Now qualified to drive solo, Jano brought our grey Mustang out of retirement for its first track event in over 7 years.

As sponsored drivers, this group of teens received extensive education on high-performance driving. Both Jerry and Ryan had instructors in the car with them the entire weekend as well as classroom sessions on the art of driving. Huge thanks to the instructors of the NASA Great Lakes region!

Ryan was too cool to park next to us... =)

Jerry quickly settled into the pack (chasing down that Corvette).

While Jano drove solo most of the weekend, he also had some in-car instructing from Dr. John and Derek Mortland, the NASA Great Lakes group 2 leader!

We were super happy to have some of Jerry’s family come out to support him again, so we had a special surprise set up to honor their family’s commitment. We hope they keep coming back!

Gingerman was tons of fun. So ask yourself: Shouldn’t I be on track too?

The Community Garage can help you answer that question. Check us out!

SURPRISE! When family finds out how much we think of you...

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