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Pit Crew at Gingerman Raceway!

The Community Garage’s Pit Crew went into action for the first time this past weekend. What a great time! We headed to Gingerman Raceway to support two teams running the TREC race with the NASA Great Lakes region. We ended up getting more than we anticipated.

The Crew was warmly welcomed by the Corbin Collins Racing and Team Old Smokey, two teams that are playing opposite ends of our sport. Young Corbin Collins is only 14 years old! If you think you’ve got something on him – hah! think again. He is super-fast in that little Miata of his. That pace stays on target when his co-driver Evan Stamer takes the wheel.

Team Old Smokey fields a burly Mustang against all comers – and the gents behind the wheel are just a tad older than Corbin. Ken Deja, Jason Scott, and Robin Burnett wheeled the mighty Mustang to a 1st place finish!

The team at Corbin Collins Racing would have had much to say of that finish had they not struggled through several gremlins and mechanical issues that kept coming their way. They are fighters and we are looking forward to supporting them at any of their races we can attend.

Special thanks to Jason Scott who supplied the Crew with their fire suits and safety gear. The donation was much appreciated!

In these teams the boys got to see what it’s like when everything goes your way and when everything goes south. Huge props to them for jumping in to help out with everything from small tasks to large repairs. They made themselves proud.

More racing lies ahead! We’ll be out at the tracks to be part of it.

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