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Ross Bentley Drives Zsa Zsa!

HUGE THANK YOU to Ross Bentley for supporting The Community Garage!

This past weekend The Community Garage was honored to have none other than Ross Bentley take the wheel of our house car at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

As part of our charity drive, we held a raffle and gave some Speed Secrets swag along the way. The grand prize though was something special: an opportunity to ride along with one of the most celebrated high performance driving coaches around.

The lucky winner was a seasoned high-performance driving instructor in his own right, Mark Losiniecki. While Mark has many years of driving, few things can prepare you for a driver of Ross’ caliber - he is after all a former Indy car driver!

Even Zsa Zsa benefited from Ross! His insights after the drive will help shape the car’s development. We think Ross also had a good time, saying: “Three or four more sessions like that would be alright with me.”

The Community Garage is very grateful to NASA Great Lakes for providing a venue to host our raffle. Special thanks to Garmin for bringing Ross to the event and letting Dr. John test out the awesome Garmin Catalyst driving performance optimizer! This thing is addictive...

Mark's report from his ride with Ross:

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