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Shop Tour of Togue Factory!

The Community Garage was granted back-of-the-house access to the awesome Togue Factory - home of the same Reinharte racing coil overs we put on our house car, Zsa Zsa the 350Z.

Mike, Bean and the rest of the crew were open to sharing insights and answer tons of questions. When you have a hopped up K20 mated to a BMW trans going into a have a lot of questions. Mostly: Can I drive one?

The Community Garage believes in empowering kids. So education is not just an activity, it's a core value. At the Togue Factory the future of the industry is on full display. We love how they use 3D CAD and flow simulation to optimize part, then 3D print them to validate fitment before firing up the CNC. That's not just working hard - that's working SMART.

Look close: that's a fully 3D printed mock up in the background - the sexy thing in the front is what goes on your car.

The rest of this candy land was super fun:

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