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Zsa Zsa is Ready for the Track!

Our house car, Zsa Zsa the 350ZThe kids have been hard at work week after week to get a solid foundation started for a fun track day car.

Zsa Zsa arrived with quite a few nice upgrades, but some things needed to be fixed and others needed to be swapped out for serious track use.

Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

  • Reinharte R1 coil overs

  • New brake master cylinder

  • Z1 Motorsports master cylinder brace

  • Motul RBF 600 brake fluid flush

  • G-Loc R12 brake pads

  • Centric rotors

  • Kam Caldwell brake duct backing plates

  • Rear end rehab: liftgate bumper, license plate lights, subwoofer bezel

  • Tow hooks: front and rear with bumper tuck

  • Front chin repair and carbon wrap

  • Axle nuts replaced on rear (Kawasaki castles)

  • Transmission oil change

  • Bell Raceworks Differential Brace

  • Concept Z oil cooler (Setrab core)

  • Z1 Motorsports Front undershroud

  • Track wheel/tire set #1: Konig Hypergrams w/Hoosier R7s

  • Track wheel/tire set #2: Gram Lights 57CR w/Continental ExtremeContact Force

Zsa Zsa is not a competition car. We’re not going wheel-to-wheel racing, we’re not chasing those last 1000's of a second, and we’re not trying to set any lap records. We’re just out to have FUN, be SAFE, and (we hope) run RELIABLY. The work won’t stop here, but this is a great start for year one.

After some shake down runs to sort the car, we’ll be ready for our first sponsored driver to jump in and take to the track! Will it be you? Check out our Programs page: Driver Sponsorship for more details. Let’s get you on track so we can drive the heck out of this thing!

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