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Driving the Autobahn!

Two of The Community Garage drivers descended upon Joliet to drive the Autobahn Country Club!

Jerry once again took the wheel of Zsa Zsa on his second track outing. With none of the braking gremlins that plagued him at Gingerman, he was free to let it rip!

Rock and Roll!!

We brought out the Grey Mustang once again for Jano to pilot. After almost 8 years of a quite retirement, the Grey has seen the track twice this year in the hands of this fine young driver.

Jano made another milestone at this event, graduating to HPDE 3. Aside from getting ready to enjoy that group's awesome close-proximity drills, he’s now qualified to race in the TREC endurance series! So look for The Community Garage to enter a few races next year.

We had a few friends come out to join us, and a couple got to join us in some mighty fast Porsches. We hope next time you are able to join us!

The 2023 Season is over for us. We took one last trip to Road America, so Dr. John could do some driving before the cold settles in. But mostly, we just love getting inspiration from the awesome cars that always show up.

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