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Pit Crew Training Begins!

The Community Garage held our pit crew training for the kids with the help of our motorsports friends. Ken Deja loaned us the use of his #18 Spec Iron prepped 2010 Mustang. The kids learned about driver safety gear, Snell standards, and the proper integration of harness belts with HANS devices and helmet.

Our friend and local racer Kevin Trandel came down to help as well, sharing his insights and keeping the action flowing.

We drove the mighty Mustang a grand total of 10 feet – back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…letting everyone practice different roles during a pit stop:

  • Fueler – 1

  • Fueler – 2

  • Fire Bottle

  • Driver Assistant

  • Pit Board: Stop / Release

  • Mechanic

For this training we were getting used to the roles and the basic gear. The next training will be a full dress rehearsal with everyone suited up!

One thing was driven into the kid’s heads: safety is the team’s responsibility – it’s not the engineer’s sole responsibility, or the driver’s, or just on the fire bottle guy – safety is everyone’s responsibility; we’re a team, and everyone on the team makes sure to do our part to keep one another safe.

The guys are looking forward to supporting an endurance team soon!

Got a team? Want some support? Let us know!

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